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The Drama curriculum has a vital role to play in the development of the young people we serve here at Prendergast Ladywell School. We are keen to develop the whole child by enabling them to explore a broad range of themes and social issues in a safe and stimulating environment. Drama supports students in becoming self-regulating individuals who can access learning and the world in an imaginative and creative way.  

Drama is an expressive art form that provides students a platform to develop transferrable skills, such as language and communication skills, public speech, critical and creative thinking skills, teamwork, concentration, confidence, self- awareness, and empathy.  

Our curriculum is diverse in its content covering a multitude of content such as: Physical theatre, Greek theatre, Commedia Del’ Arte, Pantomime, Epic theatre. It also explores a variety of modern practitioners and work including: Berkoff, Brecht, Arturd, Le Coq and Stanislavski.  

Beyond this we aim to empower students to create art with a social message and we cover a wide variety of social moral spiritual and cultural material through our devising units which explore immigration, racism, social inequality and much more. Drama promotes self-esteem, every learning episode is an opportunity for pupils to feel a sense of accomplishment regardless of academic ability. 

All lessons are delivered in one of two Drama Studios, one of which is purpose built with specialist equipment, offering students a professional space to work in. We are committed to extending our offer here in Drama and therefore actively encourage students to participate in our drama club, school productions and seek opportunities for performances and trips with external providers to offer experiences beyond the school environment. 

Examinations Board: Pearson Edexcel