Admission into Year 7

Admissions arrangements during the academic year

If you want to move your child to Prendergast Ladywell School during the academic year, or you have recently moved into the area and would like to enrol your child here, please see our in-year admissions page.

Admissions Arrangements for September 2024

Please visit our key-information-and-policies page to see the current and future Admissions Policies and associated documents. 

All families of Year 6 children in London eligible to transfer to secondary school in September 2024 must apply for a place at Secondary school at by 31 October 2023. 

Students who are already on our roll in Year 6 have the right to automatically transfer to Year 7 in September and do not need to do anything on eadmissions; please let us know your intentions for Year 7 so that we can explain how this process will work. 

For students starting in September 2024, the the furthest distance place offered on National Offer Day was 977.71 metres. For academic year 2022-23, the furthest distance place offered on National Offer Day was 888.02 metres. In September 2022 the furthest distance place offered on National Offer Day was 1031.68 metres. For academic year 2021-22, the furthest distance place we offered on National Offer Day was 1316.5m from the school.

People who applied for consideration under the criterion for Exceptional Social-Medical Need will have completed an additional supplementary form and submitted it to the school via email to by 31 October along with their supporting evidence.

Places will be allocated and parents informed on Friday 1 March 2024; the deadline to accept or decline places will be Friday 15 March 2024. We email all of the families who are offered a place here and invite them to join ParentMail, our communications system. We will then send invitations to our online enrolment system and invite families to an enrolment meeting on Monday 10 June.

Important diary dates for September 2024 entry

The transition from primary school to secondary school is a significant milestone, which can be daunting for some young people. We want to make this process as simple and easy as possible by providing plenty of opportunity for our future pupils to familiarise themselves with their new environment as soon as they can.

Every year, we deliver a varied programme of events to aid with the transition to Prendergast Ladywell School. Below is an outline of how the process works for students joining us; we generally have similar dates each year.

Following coronavirus we changed our processes for enrolment and are now using an online system. We currently use both online systems for collection of enrolment forms and supporting documents, followed by a face to face meeting to complete the process.

We use ParentMail to communicate with our incoming Year 7s, who may also check our Transition page for more information specific to their joining in September. 

Friday 1 March

   National Offer Day

Friday 15 March

   Deadline for accepting your place (please return your reply form to us at PLS and reply to any offer received via eadmissions)

w/c Monday 22 April TBC

   We will invite families to join ParentMail

w/c Monday 20 May 

   We will invite families to complete the online enrolment form

Sunday 2 June

   Deadline to complete online enrolment form

w/c Monday 3 June    We email an appointment slot to families who have completed their enrolment forms (for Monday 10 June, or Monday 24 June)

Monday 10 June

   We use a combination of online enrolment forms and a face-to-face meeting 
   Student enrolment meetings (by appointment from 2pm) 

Monday 24 June

   We use a combination of online enrolment forms and a face-to-face meeting
   Student enrolment meetings (by appointment from 3.15pm)

Tuesday 4 July

   Student familiarisation (Induction Day: 9am - 12.30pm) 

w/c Tuesday 27 August TBC

   Summer School for new Year 7s. Tuesday - Friday, mornings only.
   Information will be sent via a ParentMail Form and sign-ups must be received promptly.

Tuesday 3 September

   Year 7 starts school (am only)

Wednesday 4 September

   School starts

Information from Lewisham Council 

You can sign up to receive weekly emails from Lewisham Council about the secondary school admissions process using this link

Lewisham Council has created a webpage to make it easy for parents to find information on secondary school open events in one place, which will continue to be updated: