You can see a few photos and read our tweet chain about the PLS Refugee Week celebrations here    

We thank to members of AFRIL and Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network for visiting our schools and running a workshop and an assembly in our school. 

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You can watch the full message from Mark Ruffalo here:


Here is our Refugee Week Presentation





Another year 11 student read a story called The Fool and The Donkey in Persian. Listen below: 




Our year 11 student read a story called 'The Bullies' written by Mateen Abdul in Pashto.

Our Year 11 student read a story called The Ant and The Elephant written by Emal Jabarkhalil in Pashto. We used the amazing resources on World Stories website. They are strongly recommended. 

Listen to Carnations and Tomato Juice written by Turkish author, Sait Faik Abasıyanık, read by Turkish actor Levent Uzumcu, who permitted us to publish this clip on our YouTube page. 


Discover the inspiring story of Semiha Berksoy, Turkey's first female opera singer, through the insightful book written by writer and journalist Özlem Özdemir, who also narrated it.

Listen to Hansel and Gretel in French from our EAL HLTA.

Listen to Magic Porridge Pot in German 

Listen to The Boy who cried wolf in Portuguese

The Very Hungary Caterpillar in Polish

Listen to Little Red Riding Hood in French


Take a look at our exclusive interview with Mark Ruffalo, also known as the Hulk. It's our first interview with him.