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Modern Foreign Languages

The PLS MFL department strives to ensure that every student is exposed to high level language teaching that enables each student to fulfil his or her linguistic potential:

  • Pupils will learn key vocabulary and structures about a broad range of topics that will permit them to express themselves in the target language and will allow them to interpret the meaning of others.
  • They will progressively develop their knowledge and understanding of the grammatical rules which underpin accurate communication in a foreign language.
  • Students will be afforded opportunities in which to practise the target language and by so doing will improve their accent and pronunciation.
  • By regularly listening to other native speakers talk during lessons and online, they will be able to listen for gist and detail in a range of situations.
  • Retrieval quizzes and memory homework on interactive websites will help to further embed knowledge and understanding learnt in the classroom.
  • In addition to linguistic proficiency, pupils will learn about the cultures and customs of other countries as we prepare them for global citizenship.

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel