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Music at Prendergast Ladywell is broad, diverse and ambitious. Skills and knowledge are at the forefront of everything we do. We focus on skills relevant to music performance, creativity skills for improvisation and music composition, and music listening skills to identify and analyse musical elements. 

Students will learn about different periods of musical history and music from many different cultures. They’ll listen to and perform music from Western classical traditions, popular music traditions and world music traditions.  

The confidence to perform music is given a great emphasize, small classroom performances happen from the start of year 7. Students will develop confidence, collaboration, resilience, teamwork by performing as small groups as well as developing skills on various instruments including keyboards, ukuleles, percussion, and voice.  

Students will be taught to listen to and analyse music from a wide range of genres, learning about tonality, tempo, time signatures, musical structures, and melodic, harmonic and rhythmic features. 

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel