PE and Sports Grant

Prendergast Primary School - PE and Sports Grant 2017/2018


The purpose of this grant is to improve the provision of PE and sport so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles.


Prendergast Primary funding: £3446

PE Provision at Prendergast Primary School

The school uses funds to deliver extra-curricular provision including free and subsidised clubs for:

Tennis £525

Ballet £525

Badminton/Netball/Football £525

This enables all pupils to have access to high quality teaching in these areas, resulting in a greater understanding of healthy lifestyles and a high level of performance.

The school has purchased bicycles for a school cycling club £700.

Next year in adition to additional sports coaching we will be purchasing equpment to support effective tennis, badminton, netball and football coaching.

The school also use the grant to fund a sports coach to promote participation in sport. This enables all pupils to participate in inter-school tournaments, resulting in a high level of performance and participation  - £1171. 

The school have purchased specialist gymnastic equipment suitable for younger pupils.

High quality provision of PE equipment and specialist support is evaluated regularly in order to ensure sustainable impact. 

Pupils receive an additional 60 minutes PE provsion per week to run alongside the school's core curiculum offer.

Pupils are introduced to a wide range of physical activities with the aim to encourage them to continue to enagage in physical activity outside of school and in later life.