Information for Parents & Students

School lunch

Please see our menus for School lunches, which are provided by Olive Dining and run on a 3-week cycle. From September 2021 Olive Dining will be offering the Autumn menu:

Autumn Menu-Week-1 (commencing Monday 6 September and every 3 weeks thereafter)

Autumn Menu-Week-2  (commencing Monday 13 September and every 3 weeks thereafter)

Autumn Menu-Week-3 (commencing Monday 20 September and every 3 weeks thereafter)

Please see Olive Dining's Food Allergen Information

You can also download Olive Dining's latest newsletter.

At Prendergast Ladywell School, we operate a cashless system for students to pay for snacks at break-time and School lunch. You may find our Cashless Guide to PLS useful.

If you initially declined the opportunity for your child to use their fingerprint to access the cashless canteen system and have since changed your mind, please complete the Biometrics (cashless catering) Form, which provides us with permission to do this. Please see Olive Dining Price List 2017


Our cashless catering system is linked to ParentMail, so you can top up your child's lunch account, and also see how they are spending their money at the canteen.

Students who are in receipt of Free School Meals can also log on and check that their child has taken a school lunch, and how they spend any money you credit to their account.

If you have not yet registered with ParentMail, please do! You can use the free App to keep track of all School correspondence and School Reports, as well as pay for things like School Trips and top up cashless catering accounts.

Free school lunches

At Prendergast Ladywell a hot healthy lunch costs £2.42 per day (£12.50 per week). If your family receives certain benefits, your child may be entitled to free school meals, which could save you over £400 a year! This money is credited directly to your child's account so no one knows who receives free school meals.

In addition to free school meals, PLS will receive extra money (pupil premium) to benefit your child’s education. 

Apply online at and then let us know when you receive confirmation that your child is eligible, so that we can update our systems.

There is a lot of information online here, including how you may be able to claim free school meals if you have no recourse to public funds:

Don’t miss out – apply today.

Sixth Form Scholarship Opportunities at Colfe's

As part of the Leathersellers federation, Prendergast Ladywell School benefits from scholarship opportunities to the Sixth Form at Colfe's. This is open to students whose family income is below £40,000 a year and who achieve at least five A* grades at GCSE. There were Open events this year; the Colfe's Scholarships flyer provides full details on the process, which will be replicated next year.