Pupil Premium Grant 2019-20

Pupil Premium Grant (PPG) and Free School Meals

Prendergast Ladywell School (secondary phase) received £382,000 for the financial year 2019-20 but the final amount for the Academic Year 2019-20 is not yet known.  The previous Academic Year 2017-18 was £362,780.  

Pupil Premium Grant for the academic year 2019/20: Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2019-20

What is the PPG and how is it used?

The Government introduced the grant in September 2011 with the intention of the additional funding to be used to increase attainment and improve progress and outcomes for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Parents and carers should be reassured that all matters relating to this fund are treated with discretion and in confidence.

Pupil Premium is an additional payment from the Department for Education to the school for each student that meets set criteria. Students attract Pupil Premium funding if they are;

  1. In receipt of free school meals (fsm) or have been in receipt of fsm in the last six years
  2. Looked after by the local authority
  3. Children of armed service personnel

The three main expectations that the government have laid out for the PPG spend are to:

  • Increase social mobility
  • Enable more students to go to the top universities
  • Reduce the attainment gap

Parents/Carers can apply for free school meals and check to see their entitlement via the My Free School Meals website at www.myfreeschoolmeals.com/

Prendergast Ladywell School has spent the PPG to maximise achievement for pupils using the flowing aims:

  • Improve outcomes for all pupils in receipt of the PPG, particularly those pupils and groups of pupils that are at specific risk of underperformance.
  • Ensure that all teaching is at least good (this is the most significant factor in closing the attainment gap between Pupil Premium and Non Pupil Premium students)
  • Use the PPG to intervene with particular underperforming groups and significantly raise achievement
  • All pupils in receipt of the PPG have the same opportunities as those not in receipt 

You can download the full Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 

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