Foundation Years

Learning at Prendergast Primary

At Prendergast Primary we use modern technologies to engage pupils in their learning, and also to encourage independence and different ways of finding out about the world around them.

Outdoor Learning

We are very fortunate to be situated next to Ladywell Fields as well as having our own Nature Reserve on site. Outdoor learning is an inheret part of our Early Years curriculum.

Home Learning

In our Reception classes at Prendergast Primary we have a Home Learning programme which is designed to support our children with their reading and writing, and also to foster a love of books.

We ask that parents:

  • Share a book with their children every night
  • Encourage their children to practice their letters and sounds using their writing packs
  • As children progress to listen to their child read a book from our Readwriteinc. reading scheme
  • To complete activites linked to our curriculum and topics 

Reading at Prendergast Primary

Engaging children to have a love of books and reading is vital to their development. We encourage our children to take books home as often as possible to share with their parents and carers. Our new building will have its own dedicated library area where parents and children will have the opportunity to borrow books.

As their reading develops our children are encouraged to take home a book linked to our phonics programme 'Read Write Inc.'. Children will bring home a book that they are confident in reading to foster a sense of achievement and success.

Phonics and reading workshops give parents and carers the opportunity to find out more about our phonics programme and how they can support their children at home.