GCSE Results for Academic Year 2016-17


Prendergast Ladywell School are delighted to report improved GCSE outcomes for the third successive year for our Year 11 students; a reward for their hard work during their time at our school.

Prendergast Ladywell Students have achieved 47% Grade 4-9 in English and Mathematics, the new measure for student performance in England.

This represents an increase of 5% on our 2016 outcomes, and a 14% increase on our 2015 outcomes at a time when GCSE results are declining across England. Prendergast Ladywell School is bucking this trend as we continue to improve our school.

25% of students secured A*- C grades in the EBACC qualification which includes good GCSE’s in English, Mathematics, Science, MFL and History or Geography. This represents an increase of 8% on 2016 outcomes and 20% on 2015 outcomes.

There were some exceptional results by individual students:

·         George Wooten Espejo: Maths – 9, English - 8, 4x A* grades

·         Daria Chirica: Maths – 8, English - 7, 4x A* grades

·         Omer Kolcak: Maths - 8, English  - 7, 3x A* grades

·         Femi Fatusin: Maths - 8, English – 7, 2x A* grades

·         De’Tria Mclean: Maths – 8, English – 7, 3x A grades

Our students have been successful in securing their place on their preferred A Level courses of study, with the Prendergast Federation Sixth Form the destination of choice for most. All Prendergast Ladywell students have clear and supported progression routes to Post 16 provision in schools, colleges or through apprenticeships.

A number of subjects performed particularly well, of note are the outcomes in:


·         Art  - 86% A*-C,

·         French - 80% A*-C

·         Spanish – 71% A*-C

·         History - 64% A*-C

·         English Literature 63%

·         Geography – 62% A*-C


·         Sport – 89%

·         ICT – 74%

The Headteacher Niall Hand said

“We are proud of the fantastic results students from Prendergast Ladywell School are collecting today, in the first year of the new GCSEs, with English and maths tougher than previously, and new grades introduced as well. Our students and staff have stepped up to the challenge brilliantly – as we knew they would.

“Everyone has worked incredibly hard, and Prendergast Ladywell students are reaping the rewards of their dedication and talent.” 

“I am particularly proud that Prendergast Ladywell School has continued to improve for the third year in a row, and look forward to making it four next year.”

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