Prendergast Arts Festival

Experience the arts the Prendergast Way!

Ever thought of sitting down for a drink with the Greek Gods? Ever wanted to know what happens to a classic British play when put into the hands a Hollywood director? Or maybe you always wanted to know what goes on in the mind of teenagers when they fall asleep? Well you can find out all that and more at the Prendergast Arts Festival!

From 25-27 April, The Leathersellers' Federation proudly presents their first Annual Arts Festival at the Catford Broadway Theatre. Featuring not only dramatic works, but musical and artistic talent, this festival promises to be a fun source of entertainment for the masses.

For only £5, you can come and visit the on-site Art exhibit featuring works by talented GCSE students, and settle in to enjoy the musical styling, or the creative dramatic performances of a plethora of energetic and inventive pupils of the Prendergast schools. 

Afternoon shows begin at 2pm and evening performances start at 5:30pm. Your £5 lets you experience no less than three shows at once.

Shows vary depending on the day and time, so take a look at our running order and come out to support the arts and the artistic future of our young people!

Watch our amazing Prendergast Arts Festival Advert below for more info, and download the posters, too:

Brothers     Chorus     Cobwebs     Dinos     Dreams     Fragments     True

We hope to see you there.

Posted on 16th March 2016