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The History curriculum at PLS is broad ranging, with a combination of breadth and depth studies as well as examining both Kings, Queens and Wars and the lives of ordinary people. The curriculum is designed to prepare students for GCSE study as well as giving all a grounding in the foundational skills and knowledge of the discipline. The subject is taught chronologically, with regular thematic studies reinforcing understanding of chronology and how historians divide time into periods. The course clearly covers aspects of history that are relevant to many of our students and demonstrates diversity rather than focusing solely on white British history.

Currently, students are delivered one hour a week of Geography in Year 7 and Year 8, and two hours in Year 9. Each termly module has a main topic focus, with occasional single lesson focus on a specific source in order to secure understanding of this important historical concept.

Broadly each module will feature:

  • A knowledge organiser of key questions for the units studied.
  • Regular quizzing to practice retention and recall.
  • A specific conceptual focus – causation, change/ importance, making historical judgements.
  • Regular study of sources and interpretations .
  • A hinge question – extended writing 8/12/16 marks.
  • An assessment that repeats the skill practiced in the hinge question, as well as recall practice and a shorter 4-mark question (describe … / source-based).
  • Opportunities for extended writing

Lessons follow the Hodder Understanding History book and associated scheme of work / lesson plans, as these provide for a broad, balanced and ambitious curriculum.

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel